Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pianogrillo (Medium)

Pianogrillo (Medium)

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Pianogrillo’s Tonda Iblea olives are organically grown (no pesticides or chemicals) and picked by hand in the Hyblaean Mountains of southeastern Sicily. It has a buttery flavor that is nonintrusive while delivering distinct flavors of grass, artichoke, and almond. In fact, wild asparagus, caper bushes, lemons, oranges, and almonds grow on the same property.


  1. Tracy Bridgewater

    Pianogrillo is actually my new favourite olive oil! It is really fruity, like you would expect it from a southern italian oil.

    I have read the Gustiblog’s article about the farmer who makes this oil, and I liked him right away. I would like to meet him and give him a big hug, because he is so right in his attitude.

    What good is a label saying “organic” when these labels have been abused by big corporations, and all kinds of garbage is nowadays sold under these labels?

    Right, the real organic products (like this oil, for example!!) will no longer be recognized among the masses that claim to be organic. Farmers like the Pianogrillo maker needs our support, we do depend on guys like him!

    I have bought several bottles, and I am really enjoying this fresh green oil.

    Read about this great guy yourself here: http://gustiamo.typepad.com/gustiblog/2010/12/pianogrillo.html

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