Befriend Your Butcher

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Did you know that many ground beef producers treat the meat with ammonia to kill bacteria? In the documentary film Food Inc., a farmer (who employs traditional and natural practices) comments that by putting corn in the cattle feed, and creating problems like the proliferation of E. coli, and now an experimental vaccine to kill the E. coli, producers are too obsessed with the “how” and not the “why”… We don’t think, ‘Why is this happening’ (answer: we’re giving corn to herbivores), but, ‘How do we use technology to solve a problem with another problem and essentially add more junk to our food?’ Step 1: Start asking questions at your butcher counter. Where is the meat coming from? Is it natural? Organic? Corn-fed or grass-fed? Let your butcher know that your money goes where the right answer is.

Dec. 21 2009 |
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