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Artificial Sweeteners Not So Sweet

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Bad news for dieters: Artificial sweeteners like saccharin (Sweet’n Low) and sucralose (Splenda) actually make you gain weight… Time magazine [2] reported that a study at Purdue University found that the body is not easily fooled when it comes to artificial sweeteners. In fact, our bodies have been conditioned to expect an onslaught of calories when it tastes something sweet (our metabolism actually “revs up” to start burning them). So when there are fewer calories introduced with an artificial sweetener, we end up consuming more to make the sweet – high calorie link, and ultimately gain more weight. Alternatives? Use organic cane sugar (in sane quantities) or agave nectar to sweeten food. Ever wonder what’s really in those bright little packets of sweeteners? You might not want to know, but click here. [3]