“Avoid Edible Food-Like Substances”

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“Eat food; avoid edible food-like substances” — Michael Pollan on the Daily Show discussing his new book, Food Rules (only $5!). Another Pollan factoid: As Americans, 20 percent of our calories comes from high fructose syrup. As I’ve mentioned, this is likely because people don’t understand how pervasive high fructose corn syrup is in our food–it’s not just in juice; it’s in pizza sauce, french fries, hamburgers, cereal, you name it. Jon Stewart also made an interesting comparison:…He compared the deception by food companies (if you really knew what goes into your food you’d be disturbed–ammonia to sterilize ground beef comes to mind again) to the deception by cigarette companies in once asserting that cigarettes are not dangerous to your health. Pollan then points out that Philip Morris owns Kraft, and those same lawyers will have likely burned any incriminating documents already (wink, wink). As my number one Golden Rule says, read the ingredients on those labels before buying! You can vote for better food every day with your checkbook.

Jan. 17 2010 |
  1. charles engman

    Couldn’t agree more. The more one reads, it’s a wonder more isn’t written about how far from the natural we’ve moved in our preparation of the food we eat.

  2. Jerry Martin

    I agree with much of what Pollan says. Unfortunately, his comments during the Daily Show interview were largely inaccurate with regard to Kraft and Altria…

  3. jane

    Thanks for the link, Jerry.
    Interesting point the author makes that Philip Morris (Altria) sold off Kraft three years ago. I agree Pollan should have his facts straight. Nonetheless, Philip Morris owned Kraft from 1988 to 2007–that’s 19 years to make its mark on Kraft food production.
    Further, the author concedes that “Pollan does more than anyone else to help us understand [that]…food companies work hard to keep us eating their nastiest products.”
    You are correct to point out the factual slip-up, but perhaps a little “rhetoric” is okay at this point to get people’s attention and to demand change in the food system.

  4. Roman

    With 80% of our food preparation in just few corporate hands I wonder why they do not simple put cyanide in our food, insure us through A.I.G. and short our lives through Goldman Sachs and voila!!, their profit triples without even bothering to poison us anymore…

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