Lunch at Thomas Keller’s Per Se


I finally made it to Thomas Keller’s Per Se, the coveted NYC sister restaurant of The French Laundry in Yountville (Napa), California. I had heard from many French Laundry frequenters that it was best to have the 5-course lunch rather than the 9-course dinner, which could take up to 5 hours to finish (one even reported a break midway through to walk around the garden in Yountville). Plus, the pricing (wince) is somewhat more easy to rationalize…

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Feb. 26 2010 | 5 Comments

San Francisco


Let There Be Bite spent a long weekend eating and drinking our way through San Francisco–all the local and sustainable food we could hope for! SPQR, Ame, Zuni Café, and 54 Mint–and a special bonus tour of the Ferry Building Market!
Click here to see all photos.

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Feb. 19 2010 | No Comments

Puglia, “The Heel” of Italy

Photos from the sun-drenched heel of Italy, and ground zero for olives, pasta, and (whee!) strong wine. Here, gnocchetti with chicory (a local staple), tomato, and anchovy wrapped in escarole. Click here to see all photos.

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Feb. 17 2010 | No Comments

Farmer’s Market or Big Box Store, Find the Best Ingredients

This LTBB blog post originally appeared on the cooking blog, Fare La Scarpetta.

So now that you’ve worked up the courage to get in the kitchen again, what are you going to make? I’ll let you in on a secret: if you buy good ingredients, half the work is done for you. Think about it: If you buy fresh, perky asparagus rather than tired, floppy ones, it will taste better even if you do nothing but steam them. One chicken broth brand is watery and tasteless; another is full-flavored and complex. Which would you rather have as a base for your soup?…

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Feb. 03 2010 | No Comments

Just Get In The Kitchen Already

This LTBB blog post originally appeared on the cooking blog, Fare La Scarpetta. Image by Anne Taintor.

Drop that “100-Calorie” snack pack. Now read the ingredients on the label. Would your grandmother recognize any of them? (Not to mention that some of those engineered products actually make you gain weight.) I have a good friend who is always eating junk like this to keep herself thin. And when I point out that she can’t tell me what any of the 12-syllable ingredients are, she simply shrugs her shoulders. Have we become that apathetic to the food industry and what it’s churning out for us? Are we so bogged down with day-to-day life that we can’t cook a simple a meal with ingredients that grow out of the ground and not out of a laboratory?…

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Feb. 02 2010 | No Comments
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