NYC’s Great Jones Cafe: Best Wings In The City

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This will be short and sweet: Run, don’t walk, to Great Jones Café for their Cajun wings with homemade hot sauce. Every time I introduce a person to these wings, they have to shelve any skepticism and simply admit how surprisingly good they are. First, unlike other wings, they’re not greasy–probably because the skin is so perfectly fried–but you can’t clean that bone fast enough (though I hate to admit my good friend and rib connoisseur, Alejandro, could probably take me).

Second, the sauce is to die for. I usually keep the sauce for my blackened catfish and garlic kale entrée, dipping it like a drug addict. I ask them when they’re going to bottle and sell it, and the pierced and tattooed waitress rolls her eyes with exhaustion over this question. That’s okay, I’ll keep asking until it’s mine, all mine! (Though I have a feeling it’s like a TV dinner–you’re better off not knowing the ingredients.)

The balance of the menu is a confluence of Cajun items like jambalaya, gumbo, and fried crawfish and more conventional items like cheeseburgers and pulled pork. Don’t miss the jalapeño cornbread! But don’t think you’re getting out alive without a wing addiction.


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Apr. 26 2010 |
  1. Alejandro

    Haha, indeed I can. I long for Great Jones… and NYC!

  2. simon

    FYI, they have great house margaritas and cajun martinis too.

  3. Alex

    Had to comment, thanks for introducing me to this place, it rocks!

  4. jane

    @ Simon – Yes, I love that house margarita! And I love that the same bartender with long hair has been there forever. And he never seems to take a day off.

    @ Alex – Yet another immediate convert! 😉 Dang, I want some wings now!

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