Weekend in Los Angeles

Hollywood sign at Tender Greens
Truth be told, I avoid Los Angeles like the plague, and I only live 90 minutes away. First reason: the oppressive traffic (Seriously? Only two lanes on the I-5 with construction that hasn’t budged since the last time I passed through two years ago?) Second: There’s only one topic of conversation: “The Industry.” Third: The type of car you drive automatically dictates your social position. (Ten years ago I was openly mocked at a valet station for having a station wagon.) Nonetheless, a family get-together had me planning a weekend in L.A. and, naturally, I intended to eat my way through it!

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Aug. 30 2010 | Comments Off on Weekend in Los Angeles


Delicious Gustiamo products!

In celebration of our “Blog Spotlight” on CNN’s food page, Eatocracy, LTBB vendor Gustiamo is offering FREE SHIPPING on all their products for FOUR DAYS ONLY! (Basically anything in Product Review that is NOT extra virgin olive oil)

OFFER VALID ONLY by clicking through links on Let There Be Bite. Offer expires Sunday, August 29.

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20 Recipes for Fresh Summer Herbs

Fresh Mint at Chino's Farmers Market

I can’t be around sage leaves without manhandling them. Rubbing a few suede-like leaves between my fingers is like my own personal herbal perfume for the day. Fresh basil in the summer; smokey thyme in the fall; piney rosemary in the winter. Fresh herbs make me want to cook, including in the raw, like ripe summer tomatoes with a sprinkling of mint, basil, or chives; a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a splash of vinegar or spritz of lemon, and a little sea salt. Add a tear of crusty bread. Done: perfect summer snack. Here, 20 recipes to inspire you with fresh herbs.

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Aug. 16 2010 | Comments Off on 20 Recipes for Fresh Summer Herbs
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