Thanksgiving Side Dishes to Swoon Over

The old saying “Thanksgiving isn’t about the turkey; it’s really about the sides” is in full effect here. Below, a collection of my favorite turkey side-dish recipes from the past few years. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Nov. 14 2010 | Comments Off on Thanksgiving Side Dishes to Swoon Over

Palm Springs and Joshua Tree

My brother Oliver was supposed to deejay with renowned local DJ Day at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs last week. Unfortunately, the set got cancelled due to a party that was booked in its place, but we decided to hit up Palm Springs anyway and pay a visit to Joshua Tree, a favorite of Oliver’s. As always, I was on a quest for good food. Did I find it? Kind of.

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Nov. 07 2010 | Comments Off on Palm Springs and Joshua Tree

Weekend in Milwaukee. Yes, Milwaukee!

At Travel + Leisure magazine in 2003, I pitched a story about my hometown of Milwaukee to the magazine’s Editor-In-Chief. I believe her exact response was: “Who goes to Milwaukee?” Uh, Harley riders and cheesemongers to start! Okay, perhaps they’re a bit outside of T+L’s demographic, but I was nonetheless given a page to amuse my Midwest pride.

Living in California now, I always enjoy a trip back to Wisconsin’s largest city to set my head straight (as long as it’s between May and October, ahem). Milwaukeeans bring a lot to the table: they have classic Midwest traits (down to earth, hardworking, hospitable) but they’re also informed, interested, and often activist. On a recent trip to Portland, Oregon, I thought of Milwaukee more than once. Perhaps most endearing, Milwaukeeans have a vicious sense of humor about themselves (Cheeseheads and the pervasiveness of Big & Tall stores will do that to you).

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Nov. 01 2010 | Comments Off on Weekend in Milwaukee. Yes, Milwaukee!
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