Video Premiere! Local Organic Sustainable: Food Revolution in One San Diego Neighborhood

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In the first installment of our three-part video series exploring the challenges of serving local, organic, and sustainable food in San Diego restaurants, we sit down with Jay Porter at his two North Park eateries, The Linkery and El Take It Easy. Click here to watch the video.

When Porter first opened the Linkery in 2005, he was surprised how difficult it was to find “righteous ingredients”—or ingredients that weren’t shipped frozen on trucks from faraway places. When he couldn’t find what he wanted locally, he forged relationships with farmers and other purveyors to create it. Even better, he wanted his produce to be organic (free of pesticides and genetically modified elements), his fish to be sustainable (causing no environmental damage), and his meats to be pastured (humanely raised).

As you can imagine, this was easier said than done. Not to mention pushing all the typical limits of razor-thin restaurant margins. But Porter, and a handful of other restaurant owners in North Park, just wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, and a food revolution was born.

Next week: Our interview with Porter’s sustainable seafood purveyor, Tommy Gomes—part fishmonger, part late-night comedian!

Jan. 04 2012 |
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