Bonus 4th Video! How to Make Basil Pesto

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We hope you enjoyed our 3-part video series on local, organic, and sustainable food in San Diego! Now for something a little different: a cooking segment that shows you how to make one of my favorite dishes, classic Ligurian pesto.

I used to make pesto every day when I was a prep cook at Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro in Milwaukee (I carried my 9-inch chef’s knife in my jacket walking through the park, and -yes- my mother made me demonstrate at parties). I also lived in Italy for three years so the Italians whispering on my shoulder tell me to use only the best ingredients—because it makes a grandissimo difference. Subpar oil and processed Parmesan powder? That’s not going to taste very good. Especially because all the ingredients are raw, you have to use the right ones to let them sing. It’s just a matter of putting them together—the recipe couldn’t be easier, I promise!

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And now that you have all the tools, here’s how to make delicious basil pesto!
Click here to watch the video.
Click here for the pesto recipe.

Have you seen all four videos? We’re using them to pitch a TV show that talks about real (not processed) food in various cities across the country! Would you watch? Any improvements we could make? We’d love to hear from you!

Jan. 27 2012 |
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