Who? What? Where?

who_what_where_sm_jane“So what’s for dinner? Or better yet, breakfast?” That’s usually what I think when I wake up in the morning. And I’m assuming that if you’re here reading this when you could be scraping rice off your dishes or vacuuming your living room, then you like food, too. And I don’t mean “good food” like “food that will do,” like choosing a turkey wrap over a hot dog, but food that is good—pure, nourishing, and delicious—food that doesn’t contain ingredients with numbers, like food dye #5. Ideally, I’m talking no additives, no preservatives, no hormones, and, hey, let’s get crazy and shoot for no childhood obesity! Who’s with me??

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no food fundamentalist. You will catch me eating a bratwurst on football Sunday once in a while. But aren’t you tired of hearing
how much junk is in our food? It’s an uphill battle against food engineering
and it’s exhausting.

So what can we do about it? Over the years I have done a good deal of research on food that is both delicious and good for you. Let me be clear: this is not a diet site. It’s simply a guide to the best products you can find in stores and online: what to splurge on, what to save on, how to prepare it, and general everyday tips for the home cook who wants to eat (and serve) good food tonight.

(If you’re still itching for some gritty details on my career in food, feel free to check out the Snappy Timeline.) So what’s on Let There Be Bite specifically?

We would love to hear your thoughts and we may even post some of them on the site—maybe you’ve tried some of the products we’ve reviewed and you want to add your two cents, maybe there’s a specialty food store in your town that you think deserves some face time, or anything else you feel like weighing in on.

We won’t be making much money from the website, but there is one way
you can help: If you like a product we’ve recommended, please click through LetThereBeBite.com to the vendor’s site rather than going directly to the vendor’s site to buy (we get a small percentage of the purchase if it’s tracked from our website). Thanks and enjoy!

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