“Avoid Edible Food-Like Substances”

“Eat food; avoid edible food-like substances” — Michael Pollan on the Daily Show discussing his new book, Food Rules (only $5!). Another Pollan factoid: As Americans, 20 percent of our calories comes from high fructose syrup. As I’ve mentioned, this is likely because people don’t understand how pervasive high fructose corn syrup is in our food–it’s not just in juice; it’s in pizza sauce, french fries, hamburgers, cereal, you name it. Jon Stewart also made an interesting comparison:…

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Jan. 17 2010 | Comments Off on “Avoid Edible Food-Like Substances”

Befriend Your Butcher

Did you know that many ground beef producers treat the meat with ammonia to kill bacteria? In the documentary film Food Inc., a farmer (who employs traditional and natural practices) comments that by putting corn in the cattle feed, and creating problems like the proliferation of E. coli, and now an experimental vaccine to kill the E. coli, producers are too obsessed with the “how” and not the “why”…

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Dec. 21 2009 | Comments Off on Befriend Your Butcher

Glass Half-Empty

The New York Times reported today that tap water is severely undertested for dangerous contaminants. In some water supplies, the EPA found that the level of arsenic is roughly equivalent to the risk of receiving 1,664 X-rays…

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Dec. 17 2009 | Comments Off on Glass Half-Empty

Cow + Corn = E. Coli

So we know E. coli is a problem in beef processing, when fecal matter inadvertently transfers to meat. Cows naturally create E. coli in their stomachs, but the introduction of corn into their feed (cows are traditionally herbivores) evolved and multiplied the E. coli into much greater proportions…

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Dec. 17 2009 | Comments Off on Cow + Corn = E. Coli

Hamburger Hazard

You might be surprised (and sickened, literally) to learn what’s in your hamburger. In October, the New York Times did a stunning exposé on the ground beef industry after an inordinate amount of people were sickened, paralyzed, or even killed by the presence of E. coli bacteria in processed ground beef…

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Dec. 13 2009 | Comments Off on Hamburger Hazard
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