What Should I Look for When Buying?

In-Store Guide

Choosing Food at the Market:
What’s Real and What’s a Marketing Gimmick?

You’re standing in the grocery aisle looking at 15 brands of extra virgin olive oil. Do you know which one to choose? Is it worth spending $20 for that bottle, or is it just a marketing gimmick?

Have you seen a carton of eggs lately? There are more labels than a fashion show. How do you know if “free range” is more important than “certified organic”?

Isn’t there a mercury problem in fish now? Which ones should you avoid buying?

What’s the story with balsamic vinegar? Why is the good stuff so expensive?

We’re here to help! Let There Be Bite has designed a fun and informative guide for food shopping that will hopefully make your life a little easier, while giving you the knowledge you need to make better decisions for the health (and taste buds!) of you and your family.

Each section contains easy-to-access shopping tips, recommended brands we have tested and reviewed, and debunked myths—like why you should avoid fresh tomatoes in the winter and why “light” olive oil doesn’t exist.

And if you don’t see a food item here that you would like to learn more about, check the blog archives, try the search function on the website, or drop us an email with your thoughts!

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