Lose the Ice

No, I’m not talking about water because I advocate buying it in the store. So what to say about water? It comes out of the tap and it takes forever to boil when we’re hungry for pasta. Well, no horror stories here—just a couple tips for how and when you should partake of the pure stuff.

Drinking Tips

Don’t drink ice-cold water first thing in the morning.
Our stomachs are very sensitive when we wake up. Do this experiment: wake up one morning and drink water that you have chilled in the refrigerator; the next morning, drink a room-temperature glass of water. Now tell me you didn’t have a stomach ache on that first day. Think about it: your body is at a warm temperature, you have an empty stomach in the morning when you wake up, and then you introduce ice-cold water… (not to mention that then your body has to expend some energy to cool it back down to body temperature.) You may have noticed that in Europe the water is usually served without ice. (Okay, we’ll give them this one…)

Drink a minimal amount of water when you eat.

(Attention winos, here’s your excuse to increase the “grape consumption” instead.) Drinking water while eating really confuses your stomach. It’s trying to regulate itself to break down the food you’re ingesting, and when you introduce a bunch of water it dilutes all the acids and throws the whole balance into disarray, so the stomach has to constantly readjust, as do other involved organs, like the pancreas.


Plastic Bottle Rant


Has anyone heard about the garbage mass floating in the ocean between Japan and the U.S. that weighs 3.5 million tons, is twice the size of Texas and made up of mostly plastic and other materials (Styrofoam) that can’t break down in nature? Marine biologists call it the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. (Apparently, it would be “too expensive” to clean up so it just mutates and floats–can we get a witness for the poor sea life that already get oil dumped on them and carry mercury like a backpack?)


For those of you who still buy water bottles and have yet to invest in a simple filter, it’s time to jump on the environmental bandwagon (don’t worry, we’ll keep the patchouli-burning hippies away from you). If you simply must buy a bottle of water (post-security in airports comes to mind), Fiji is apparently pledging to be the first bottled water producer to go “carbon negative”  though some critics are skeptical. And for those who can’t give up sparkling water (hello, my name is Jane and I’m an addict) my good friend turned me on to Sodastream, a nifty gadget that turns tap water into seltzer and can save you a whole lotta coin while being green!

  • Drink room-temperature water, especially in the morning
  • Drink water between meals, not during
  • No more plastic bottles! Buy a thermos
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