San Diego

González Northgate Market

González Northgate Market

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Finding authentic ingredients to satisfy San Diego’s substantial Mexican population
is a must in this city, and González Northgate Market is the place!

This bustling emporium–with locations throughout the county–is a go-to for freshly-made corn tortillas (still warm!), signature corn chips, and a wide variety of salsas
(we love the charred jalapeño).

Locals rave about the hard-to-find meats that Northgate offers, especially offal like cow tongue, beef cheeks, and tripe. But don’t miss more mainstream staples like carne asada and carnitas.

Northgate also has a large selection of regional Mexican cheeses, a large bakery
(try pastel de tres leches, or three-milk cake), and a good take-out kitchen with regional dishes.

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