Living and Eating Eco-Friendly: A Checklist

Okay, the purple butterfly might be a little much, but I like the message, don’t you? As I continue to watch floods, tornadoes, and fires stampede across the country (sorry, but no one can convince me it’s not because of climate change and greenhouse gases), I know we can do better. We can conserve more, recycle more, live greener and with better intentions for the future of this ailing planet—at least I know I can. Want to join me?

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Jul. 18 2011 | Comments Off on Living and Eating Eco-Friendly: A Checklist

Yes! Reusable Produce Bags!

Finally, the oxymoron of bringing reusable shopping bags to the storeĀ only to stuff my produce into several plastic bags can be eliminated! I found this reusable produce bag from Safi (machine washable) at a local store, but it’s available for purchase online.

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Jan. 31 2010 | Comments Off on Yes! Reusable Produce Bags!
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