Survivor, Italy: One Wild Month as an Unpaid Prep Cook

My interest in Italy was first sparked by the movie The Godfather. Part I, of course. When Mike meets with Salozzo and police commissioner McClusky in an empty Italian trattoria with plans to kill them both, Salozzo turns to the police commissioner and says, “I’m going to talk to Mike in Italian for a moment.” I leaned in at what I thought would be a pivotal moment—the raunchy underbelly of the movie, the secrets among blood brothers. They spoke, and there were no subtitles. No subtitles! I was crestfallen. I had probably missed the most critical part because I lived a squalid English-speaking existence. I resolved to learn the language and see the movie again, only to find out what he said had just been filler. Why I oughta…

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Puglia, “The Heel” of Italy

Photos from the sun-drenched heel of Italy, and ground zero for olives, pasta, and (whee!) strong wine. Here, gnocchetti with chicory (a local staple), tomato, and anchovy wrapped in escarole. Click here to see all photos.

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