Casual Paris: Le 404 and Café de l’Alma

Lamb and merguez sausage
Besides the fancy French landmark restaurants we had on our radar, we also hit up some good (and not so good) casual eateries in Paris. Here, two of my favorites: Le 404, a cozy Moroccan place recommended by my Paris-based friend and her Moroccan husband; and Café de l’Alma, recommended by our hotel on New Year’s Day (hair of the dog, anyone?)

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Jan. 20 2011 | Comments Off on Casual Paris: Le 404 and Café de l’Alma

Paris’s Le Cinq: Modern Classic French

Vegetables with chestnut cappuccino
Just as Taillevent lost its third Michelin star in 2007, so did Le Cinq, the 10-year-old crown jewel at the Four Seasons George V hotel. A few Paris insiders told me they thought the food had declined recently. In fact, in the months leading up to this trip I’d heard about a movement by young French chefs who were trading Michelin Guide ratings and hard-wired traditions for (arguably) equally great food served in a more relaxed environment; perhaps it was having its effect. Plus, given the economy, how many people are putting places like Taillevent and Le Cinq in their restaurant rotation? But enough chitchat; let’s eat!

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Jan. 18 2011 | Comments Off on Paris’s Le Cinq: Modern Classic French
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