NYC: Torrisi, the Breslin, ABC Kitchen & More

Per Se, Jean Georges, and Blue Hill at Stone Barns have been visited, and a couple of them left me wishing I’d spent my money elsewhere (though one did indeed take the prize). But now to the fun stuff: Dining at critics’ darlings like Torrisi and the Breslin, eyeing up Veritas’s new chef (will he prove his three stars from the New York Times?), and debating Thai chicken wings at the Las Vegas import Lotus of Siam (you might want to stick to Vegas).

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Nov. 01 2011 | Comments Off on NYC: Torrisi, the Breslin, ABC Kitchen & More

NYC’s Apiary: Hidden Gem

Scott Bryan is the most underrated chef in New York City. I’m always surprised when people have never heard of him, but, then again, the press-shy Bryan would probably rather die than hock wares like Emeril.

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Apr. 26 2010 | Comments Off on NYC’s Apiary: Hidden Gem
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